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Japan has become an increasingly attractive target for online sellers around the globe. This is no wonder, as Japan has the world’s third-largest ecommerce market, and one of the fastest growing. In fact, it is estimated that by 2022, the Japanese ecommerce market will be worth over $113 billion dollars.

There are certain characteristics about Japan and its consumers that also help to make it an attractive market for online retailers. The compact country size and a mature distribution infrastructure helps to create a perfect online shopping environment, as delivery is easy and convenient.

Likewise, the mindset of Japanese consumers is important. They value high-quality products and often wish to experience the foreign, and sometimes exotic, lifestyle that imported goods can bring. Social status also plays an important role in Japan. Products sold by sellers from the U.S. and Europe are usually considered more upmarket.

All the positive facts and statistics aside, this opportunity is not without its challenges. Expanding to Japan can be much more difficult than other countries and requires a relatively delicate approach. Our article will cover some of the key considerations for expanding into the Japanese market.  What do online retailers need to do to kickstart a successful ecommerce business in Japan?

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