4 facts to keep in mind before selling to France

While the lingual and cultural challenges still remain, France is without a doubt one of the most attractive, non-English speaking markets in the world. The country offers a wide range of online marketplaces and a population with an appetite for shopping. If you’re still not sure about how to fully capitalize on the French opportunity, we’ve asked our experts here at ICE for some facts and tips on how to kick-start you expansion and begin selling to France.



Here are the facts to bear in mind before start selling to France:


#1 It’s one of the biggest e-commerce markets in Europe


#2 Local marketplaces are popular


An eCommerce Foundation report points out that 40% of French shoppers don’t shop on foreign websites due to a lack of trust. France is one of the very few markets where local marketplaces thrive and shine under industry giants such as Amazon and eBay. Take a look at all the options and find out which ones offer the best ROI for your items.


#3 Credit cards are the way to go


Carte Bleue, a combination of credit card and debit card is the most popular among all.


#4 M-commerce adoption is slower than neighbouring countries


Mobile shopping is developing but still concerning a minority. 90% of online shoppers in France buy via desktop.


And here are a few tips for you to conquer the French e-market:


#1 Language matters


Make sure your listings are professionally and correctly translated into French as French customers expect a localised service. The last thing you need when expanding to a new country is customers not understanding what you’re selling.


#2 Always offer a tracking option for your deliveries


#3 Customer feedback and reviews are important


It’s standard to show customer feedback and reviews when selling on marketplaces, but make sure you also include them when selling on your own website. It is proof of reliability and trust for French customers.