We’ve partnered with Tamebay to bring you a 10-part video series on how to expand your e-commerce business abroad. In this video, we’ll take a closer look at the importance of localising your listings and the 4 things you can do to ensure your items are found by potential buyers in multiple marketplaces.



When it comes to localisation and searchability, you as an online seller need to consider what your buyers worldwide are typing in to find the items they want. Pay attention to these 4 things which help your products show up when buyers are ready to make a purchase:


#1 Terminology


Pay attention to the terminology locals use for certain items, even between countries that speak the same language. Are you an American seller selling pants to the UK buyers? Are you a UK seller wondering why the sales of your “trousers” aren’t picking up in the states?  This is only one example of how non-localised terminology severely reduces the chance of your products being found by foreign buyers.


#2 Cultural Differences


Culture of the buyers directly affects what search terms they use when looking for items. Handball is a popular sport in Germany, but not so much so in the UK or US. So if you’re an online seller selling mouth-guard, you’ll want to include handball in your product listing to ensure it appears for the German audience.


Ensure you have a native speaker from the specific country you want to expand to when localising your product listings. Not only are they able to translate the listings at a native level, but they are also culturally adept in advising which search terms to use.


#3 Categories


What many non-Germans consider “shoes” are actually sold as “boots” in Germany, and vice-versa.  Put your item in the wrong category and sales will suffer.  Similarly, search terms and other important item attributes are best “re-created” by a native who knows what their compatriots actually search for.


#4 E-commerce Marketing


Services such as Google AdWords, Amazon Sponsored Products and eBay Promoted Listings boost your products and help them appear ahead of your competitors.  But what appears simple on the surface can be quite complex.


Watch 4 Things to Ensure Your Items are Found now and discover our tips on a successful E-Commerce Marketing campaign.