5 expert optimising tips for Amazon sellers

This is a guest article by WorldFirst.


Did you know that around 50% of consumers in the US, UK, Germany and France start their shopping journey with Amazon? And about a fifth NEVER actually look anywhere else![1] Buyers flock to Amazon’s marketplace in their droves but so too do sellers – there have never been more sellers competing for their slice of the pie. So, with competition so fierce, how can you find that extra advantage to help you stand out from the crowd? Well, you can start by making sure you’re all over these 5 expert optimising tips for Amazon sellers.



Amazon is a marketplace but it’s also a search engine.

Take the time to understand how Amazon ranks products and make sure you find out the right keywords and descriptors for your product. Make use of the additional keywords that Amazon allows you to add to include similar listings too.

Advanced pay-per-click (PPC) tools such as Amazon Marketing Services can also be useful in helping you to reach customers that are considering a purchase of similar products from competitors. If you’re familiar with PPC on search engines like Google, you’ll know the drill here.


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Unless you’re selling a very niche or private label product, you are likely to face competition from other sellers with the same, or very similar, product lines. The easiest way to differentiate yourself is to make your listing stand out. Think about interesting and unique ways to sell your product; are your descriptors accurate and informative, entertaining even? Do they cover all the FAQs a customer might have? Are your images great, not just good? Do you have examples of the product in use?

If you are also signed up for Amazon Vendor Central or Vendor Express, are you taking advantage of the A+ enhanced marketing content you can include for your products? This is your one opportunity to own your buyer’s attention so spend a lot of time getting this right.



Customer reviews can be one of the most powerful marketing tools and can often be the way that buyers choose between sellers. With that in mind, try to encourage as many reviews as possible from customers. There are lots of software providers that can help with this and it could be a good investment, especially during the early stages of your business.

Whilst good reviews are what everyone is striving for, don’t be disheartened by negative feedback. Instead see it as a way to improve your business. Addressing negative feedback proactively via the marketplace platform will make you look more engaged with customers and more committed to the customer experience.



Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) is probably the one service that gets Amazon sellers most animated. Many are divided on whether the benefits outweigh the costs. However, the one thing it does allow you is access to Amazon Prime customers who tend to buy only from sellers with FBA. Also, as you’re competing for that infamous buy box which Amazon rewards to those who it deems as elite sellers.



On marketplaces like Amazon, pricing can quickly descend into a race to the bottom and there, sales do not always translate into profit.  So, when it comes to pricing it’s important to be flexible whilst remaining competitively priced. Understand the seasonality of your pricing with special offers during periods of less demand and including add on items when possible.

If you list on Amazon’s international websites, pay close attention to how the exchange rates fluctuate. Big movements in the exchange rates of local currencies could have huge impacts on your margins. Though if they move in your favour, they could also give you a big advantage against local sellers when it comes to pricing.

The payment system of the marketplace could also be costing you money in poor exchange rates or unnecessary currency conversion. Switch to an international payment platform like World Account to get the most out of your sales and cut out unnecessary payment fees.


[1] Kenshoo report- Amazon: The Big E-Commerce Marketing Opportunity for Brands September 2017