We’ve partnered with Tamebay to bring you a 10-part video series on how to expand your e-commerce business abroad. In this video, we’ll take a look at the 5 steps for learning which countries and marketplace are the most fruitful for you to expand to.



#1 Research

Where do you already get sales from? Where are your competitors selling to?


#2 Search and Compare your Items

Comparing your items with similar products in multiple marketplaces and countries. This gives you a holistic view on how competitive you would be in certain countries or marketplaces.


#3 Create a list of country/marketplaces that best serve your expansion goal.


#4 Test the waters – An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.


#5 Don’t be afraid to outsource this

While expensive research can be helpful, e-commerce experts with experience in listing on multiple marketplaces can often offer a more holistic view on where you should be expanding to.