5 Tips for making your UK expansion a success

The UK is one of the major leading forces in e-commerce not only in the English-speaking world, but also around the globe. Its small size, well-developed infrastructure and always-online population make it the obvious choice for expansion. In this video, we asked our experts here at ICE to shed some light on the UK e-commerce scene and how to prepare for your UK expansion.



Here are our top tips for making your UK expansion a success:


#1 Everything goes


The UK is one of the biggest purchasers of online groceries in the western world, and it is where a high percentage of customer shopping journeys begin online. Simply put: whatever you’re selling, there’s someone online in the UK looking to buy it.


#2 M-Commerce is NOW


Almost 50% of all sales over the holiday periods came from mobiles, according to the latest statistics from the holiday season. If you sell on your own website, making it mobile friendly will definitely increase your chance of success in the UK.


#3 Amazon is King


Amazon commands a third of all money spent online in the UK, and 4 out of every 100 pounds in retail in general, making it the UK’s fifth and fastest growing retailer.


#4 Price & Delivery Matters


UK shoppers are attracted to online shopping not only for the convenience, but also for the ability to compare prices in an instant. But more often than not the deciding factor is delivery: 84% consider a seller’s delivery rating as a crucial factor when choosing where to buy from. Free 3-5 delivery is considered standard, however there is a demand for paid-for expedited and same-day delivery, with one in four having purchased a delivery subscription.


#5 Localisation is Key


Keep in mind that what works in the US may not work in the UK. And that goes beyond changing your Z’s to S’s; what works in terms of copy or marketing in the US isn’t guaranteed to work in the UK.