We’ve partnered with Tamebay to bring you a 10-part video series on how to expand your e-commerce business abroad. In this video, we’ll share 7 marketplaces you should consider besides Amazon and eBay to gain more customers and increase your sales worldwide.



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There are multiple factors you need to acknowledge before expanding into new countries and their respective marketplaces. Amazon and eBay are often the biggest ones retailers go to first. However, putting all of your eggs in one basket can be dangerous and will undoubtably limit your expansion potential.


Below you’d find, in no particular order, a list of a few competitive marketplaces available worldwide:


#1 Kaufland.de (Germany)

#2 CDiscount (France)

#3 Allegro (Poland)

#4 Fyndiq (Sweden)

#5 Rakuten (Japan)

#6 Catch.com.au (Australia, formerly known as Catch of the Day)

#7 Trade Me (New Zealand)