About ICE

Founded in 2007, InterCultural Elements (ICE for short) is an e-commerce service provider based in Leipzig, Germany.

We have extensive cross border trade experience, and our services and tools will help you grow your business, expand your online reach, and increase your sales.

International e-commerce expansion

ICE can provide you with everything necessary to successfully sell online with the goal of long-term, steady growth:

  • Consultation on the best suited marketplaces
  • Multi-channel listing strategy creation
  • Guidance through market limits & regulations
  • International account creation and management
  • Customer service & returns solutions


Listing tool integration

We have official partnerships with many of the leading listing tools and all our services can be performed directly from them. If you haven’t already settled on a listing tool, we can help you with that too. We’ll analyse your account and advise you on the best fit for your business.


Improved account health

ICE can access your account to see what updates and improvements can be made to increase your efficiency and sales. Even small tweaks can have lucrative results.

The Team

  • ~35 staff members
  • 10 nationalities
  • 10 languages

Here are a few of ICE’s team members that will help you achieving your expansion goals:



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