The Netherlands


Dutch, English, German

Primary department

Accounting and Financial Control

Favourite thing about working in e-commerce/ ICE

My favourite thing about ICE is that I can use my organisational and analytical skills on a day to day basis.

I have studied chemical engineering and did research on membrane filtration in Ghana. After a year of working as a process engineer for food technology (Dutch Cheese), I started working for the Natural Gas Transport Company Gasunie in the Netherlands. During this period I worked for several departments as a project manager: energy and environmental services, strategic studies (Coordination of complex and multidisciplinary international R&D funding project for the European Commission) and project development. I studied law until I moved to Germany in 2007 to follow Eduard. In Leipzig I worked as a project manager for Gas Grids/Gas Facilities in an engineering company and as the business manager for a Birth Centre in Leipzig. In 2011 I started working for ICE as the company was rapidly growing. My main responsibilities are finance and legal.

Favourite place in the world

With my family

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