Amazon will launch new standardisation for clothing sizes in the second half of 2020 to simplify the ordering process for customers and save online retailers from product returns due to poor fit. From July onwards, certain article sizes may be hidden if they don’t meet the new standards. It’s therefore all the more important to act quickly and to update your own listings. In the next sections you’ll learn about the fast-approaching changes.

Ideally, everyone benefits from the new standard sizes at Amazon: Customers can find your products more easily using uniform search filters and select country-specific clothing sizes that are familiar to them from the now clearer drop-down menu. They will receive products that will most likely fit them well, resulting in fewer returns for online sellers due to improper fit. That means satisfied customers, more sales for sellers and less costs and efforts for returns. And ultimately the environment is happy about fewer parcels sent around the world.

In the future, customers will only be shown familiar sizes in respect to their geographical location. The decisive factor here is the country-specific Amazon marketplace through which orders are placed. US sizes are displayed to customers who order via, German sizes for orders via etc… The new standard sizes above all ensure improved clarity in the drop-down menu, in which previously different country sizes were listed next to each other and duplicates added to the general confusion. Products will be easier to find once the size filter only uses standardised sizes. In addition, products with valid sizes have a higher click rate and generate higher sales.

Last year, Amazon successfully introduced standardised sizes for shoes, and from August 31, 2020, the new clothing standards will follow for all Amazon Standard Identification Numbers (ASINs) in Europe and the United Kingdom. However, it’s important to note that clothing sizes that don’t conform to the new format may no longer be displayed on detail pages after June 30, 2020, as a new sorting logic for the drop-down menu is introduced. It is therefore important to act as quickly as possible and to update your article listings now. Amazon provides an Apparel Sizing Guide in your Seller Central Account that provides detailed information about the changes. In order to update your listings, it’s necessary to correct the defective files manually or with an update. Only the sizes local to the marketplace are displayed in the clothing drop-down, however, it is possible to submit a size chart to provide additional information on clothing size conversion. The chart is displayed when customers click on the Size Chart link on the detail page.

It should be noted that, for example, a size 40 on does not correspond to a size 40 on Similarly, a size XL in Europe does not correspond to an XL in Asia. Depending on the size of the items in your shop, you’ll have to deal with changes of a considerable degree with a substantial amount of work and a very short deadline. Making these changes before these deadlines is important for maintaining your sales.  If your company doesn’t have the bandwidth to make all sizing changes before the upcoming deadline, InterCultural Elements can make these changes for you.  With 10 nationalities in house and over a decade’s worth of experience localising Amazon listings, we can realise your needed changes in time.

InterCultural Elements has the experience and the know-how to support you in your e-commerce growth, while you concentrate on your core competencies. Our team of experts helps implement country-specific information such as the standard sizes on Amazon. We optimize your categories, search terms and article characteristics for your desired target markets. Your texts are correctly localised in detail to meet the requirements of the marketplace and the customers. Your products will be found more easily and sold more often. If you’re interested in support on a larger scale and with more foresight, our all-round service TEAM could be the right choice for you.

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