Expanding your Amazon business outside the United States sounds ambitious, but many merchants have found that selling globally is the key to significantly increased growth and profits.

According to Amazon, last year entrepreneurs in 172 countries used Amazon Global Selling to reach customers in 189 countries. In addition, cross border sales now account for nearly 25% of all third-party units sold on Amazon.

Many sellers who wish to expand globally naturally look to Europe’s marketplace as their first choice, and with good reason: Over 300 million Europeans buy online on an annual basis. The United Kingdom, in particular, is among the top three eCommerce markets in the world, and the largest and most attractive in Europe. According to ECommerce Europe, 92% of the UK’s population of 64.3 million uses the internet, and over 40 million of them shop online. For Amazon sellers who are looking for new ways to increase business, the potential for growth overseas is substantial.

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