Have you considered expanding your Amazon business outside of the United States? One of the innate benefits of the platform is that you have the opportunity to do so through Amazon’s Global Selling program. Last year, according to Amazon, the Global Selling program grew by over 50%, with cross-border sales accounting for more than 25% of all third-party units sold on Amazon. Many sellers who wish to expand globally naturally look to Europe’s marketplace as their first choice, and with good reason — over 310 million Europeans are currently active on the e-commerce market.


E-commerce in Europe grew 11% in 2017 to $624 billion and that double-digit growth is projected to occur once again in 2018. The UK, France, and Germany represent the largest European e-commerce markets, making up more than 66% of the total. * For Amazon sellers who are looking for new avenues to increase business, the growth potential overseas is substantial.


That’s where Going Global eBook  comes in. InterCultural Elements has teamed up with Feedvisor to provide guidance and strategic tips for effectively expanding your Amazon business to the European marketplace.


Whether you are new to selling globally or are a seasoned exporter, this resource will be immensely valuable as you embark on the mission to broaden your store’s reach. The more prepared you are going in, the better equipped you will be to handle unexpected situations or policy changes. While selling on international marketplaces can be challenging, it can also be a highly rewarding.


*Source: Multichannel Merchant