Thorogood Sports successfully grew their business, expanding across Europe and the US with ICE's e-commerce expertise and support.

“Running a business is difficult and time consuming, you want to outsource tasks as often as possible. The keys to doing this successfully are: simplicity and trust. Working with partner companies should be simple and save you time. You also need to trust that your quality standards are being met. This is why we continue to use ICE.”

Thorogood Sports

Client: Thorogood Sports

Thorogood Sports (now TCA) is located in the UK and designs, manufactures and retails their own sportswear brands, specialising in providing unrivalled quality, value and a unique customer experience worldwide.

Initial Problem: translation

After a number of poor or average experiences with other providers, Thorogood Sports were referred to ICE by another seller. Thorogood Sports had previously been using both a translation company (using machine translations) and freelance translators.

The solution:

What they really needed were professional translators who were trained in e-commerce, specifically eBay and Amazon, and who were able to provide intelligent translations for their target marketplaces. Just as importantly, they needed a company who could help with uploading and maintaining the listings on these sites.

After initially discussing the problems that Thorogood Sports were having, ICE were able to quickly provide advice on the best way to proceed in order to get their listings back to a high quality and to help them in areas which were previously lacking.

After the initial translation and localisation of Thorogood Sports listings, ICE handled all of the uploads onto all of their target marketplaces in a timely manner. As a part of this and ongoing processes, ICE enhanced and optimised the listings which included updating SKUs and search terms, solving error messages and general improvements. Today, ICE’s Account Management continues to help Thorogood Sports on an ad-hoc basis to ensure listings continue to be displayed correctly and are optimised.


Since engaging ICE, Thorogood Sports have grown their international expansion project from the initial launch onto Amazon France, into having a significant presence across all European and US platforms with both eBay and Amazon. ICE were able to drive this significant step into the overseas marketplaces through a host of services which has ultimately led to an increase in sales for Thorogood Sports.

Moving forward, the partnership between ICE and Thorogood Sports continues to develop as plans are put into motion to continue the expansion into more and more new marketplaces.