E-commerce Academy

What is E-commerce Academy?

E-commerce Academy is a seminar customized to your business’ or organization’s needs. ICE’s e-commerce experts create and deliver a customized e-commerce-focused seminar which addresses everything from online sales strategy and implementation, to kick-starting your expansion project and creating a long-term internationalization program. Our professionals combine real industry experience with an in-depth understanding of the ever-changing e-commerce cross-border trade climate and culture in order to help your team realise their true global expansion potential.  

Where does E-commerce Academy take place?

ICE’s e-commerce experts teach Academies on location in the form of a seminar or workshop. They are available to groups of all sizes: large companies, SMEs or public sectors. Teaching onsite ensures your team gets the most out of the session in the shortest time. All you need to provide is the venue! We can also deliver the training online; just get in touch with ICE today and tell us your needs!  

What do participants get out of the E-commerce Academy?

ICE’s E-commerce Academy is a customisable course/program tailored to your business goals and needs. We specialise in areas including:
  • E-commerce strategy development
  • International e-commerce expansion
  • Cross-cultural consumer behavior and communication
  • Marketplace optimisation

Some examples of E-commerce Academies

  • Local Chambers of Commerce book ICE experts to both introduce the basics to local businesses not yet active in e-commerce, as well as help more advanced companies optimize online sales.
  • Brands and retailers who want to expand their online sales domestically/worldwide
  • Business groups & organizations who want to learn more about e-commerce

Find out more

Whether you have specific needs in mind or just want to learn more, contact us today to customize your ideal E-commerce Academy!  
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