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Differences between Human Review Machine Translation and Full Human Translation

Human Review Machine Translation (HMRT) produces a content-correct and understandable text, but there are important differences to be aware of in comparison to pure human translation and proofreading:

  • High-quality machine translation is used as a source and a professional, native speaking translator performs light editing.
  • Light editing ensures translations are semantically correct and that basic spelling rules apply. As much of the machine translation is used as possible.
  • Brand names remain untranslated. No information is added nor omitted except for offensive, inappropriate or culturally unacceptable content, which is removed.
  • Stylistic improvements are not made and style may not be uniform. Similarly, sentences are not restructured solely to improve a text’s flow. Terminology may not be homogenized and punctuation may not be perfect.

The following tables show two example descriptions for clothing items and the different translation outputs for HMRT compared to FHT in the languages English and German:




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