Multilingual Email Customer Service

E-commerce Specialised Customer Service

In order to maintain excellent performance rates, our multilingual e-mail customer service team work with you to establish procedures for your domestic and international accounts. We then monitor your account health and proactively suggest improvements by:

  • replying to emails
  • monitoring feedback
  • managing cases and claims
  • checking performance notifications

ICE has an experienced, dedicated staff of customer service representatives with excellent communication skills, a positive, problem-solving attitude and an e-commerce mindset.



  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • English


Cost Effective & Flexible

  • Only pay for the minutes you use
  • No need to pay for recruitment, hiring, training, sick & holiday pay
  • Add languages according to your needs



  • Enquiries answered directly by your ICE customer service team
  • Prompt native language responses
  • Higher customer satisfaction and positive feedback ratings



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