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Expand internationally on Amazon with minimal complications.

Amazon Scout gives you the competitive analysis to gauge your products’ potential for success across Amazon marketplaces. Sellers whose products are already being sold on Amazon can avoid translation costs and accompanying hassle by piggybacking on existing ASINs. The problem is that you don’t have the resources to search for ALL those product listings by hand. Luckily there’s a solution: Amazon Scout.




Amazon Scout finds pre-existing ASINs on Amazon in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, and Japan using your product’s EAN or UPC, saving you time and money. The existing listings are found and organised into an informative spreadsheet broken down by country:

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Every Amazon Scout report contains:

  • Detailed information on which of your items are being sold where
  • Price comparison for each item including shipping costs
  • Competitive analysis between you and your top 10 competitors on each Amazon marketplace

To meet your specific expansion needs, Amazon Scout is available in three different report formats:

  • Ad Hoc Report to guide your initial growth strategy and launch expansion
  • Monthly Report to maintain your overview of the International competitive landscape
  • Weekly Report for regular updates and responsive expansion action

With all of thTeal-Monitorese results, you gain a better understanding of the competitive environment and know exactly which countries you can expand to without a major upfront investment. Piggybacking allows you to bypass translation and localisation of your listings and start selling on international Amazons faster.




What is piggybacking?

Piggybacking is the process of becoming an ‘additional seller’ on the Amazon marketplaces.

The same product is being sold by multiple vendors, all with varying rates, ratings and membership types. The similarity though is the listing; this product is advertised with the same image, title and description for each vendor. Additional vendors have simply piggybacked on the original seller’s listing, completely avoiding that side of the initial setup.

This offers an opportunity for your business to get exposure, allowing you to start getting sales and ratings to your account. With this toe-in-the-water approach, you can get a feeling for the potential success of your products as you begin to prepare for a more active international expansion.

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