Global Returns

For €19.95 per month, plus a return handling fee per parcel and a consolidation fee per box, you have the full support of ICE Global Returns – an international E-commerce return solution, giving you access to return addresses in 19 countries.

How does it work?

1. Create an account

The seller signs up for Global Returns and creates an account.


2. Add return label

When a buyer contacts the seller to return an item, the seller generates a return label for the buyer in the online portal. The seller can decide per return whether the buyer or seller pays the postage costs. The seller sends a PDF label to the buyer and the buyer sticks the printed label to their return.


Global returns


3. Mail parcel to Global Returns warehouse

Buyers mail their labelled return parcel to their closest Global Returns warehouse.

Global returns


4. View arrival of parcel

Upon arrival at the Global Returns warehouse, the return parcel’s label is scanned and the seller can see in the online portal that it has arrived.

Global returns


5. Parcel sent to closest seller warehouse

The return is then forwarded to the Global Returns warehouse closest to the seller. See costs below:


6. Collection and consolidation of parcels

All returns parcels are collected & consolidated at the Global Returns warehouse closest to the seller.

Global returns


7. Package is sent to seller

The box of consolidated packages is sent to the seller either on a weekly or monthly basis. See costs below:

Global returns


Got a question? View our Global Returns FAQ

Global Returns FAQ


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