Amazon Suspension Appeal

Struggling with an Amazon Account Suspension?



Our Account Management and Customer Service teams work together with you to create a targeted plan of action, specific to your case.

If you’re struggling with an Amazon Account Suspension for negative feedback, claims, slow response time, broken items or bad quality listings, we can help you fix the problem and help you start selling again.

First, we get to the root of the problem through Amazon account analysis. We find out exactly why you were suspended by investigating specific feedback, reports, and the suspension letter. Then we get to work on helping you get your account reinstated. Please contact us here.


Your customised Amazon reinstatement solution may include:

  • inspection and clean up of listings
  • quality native speaker translations
  • localisation of sizes, measurements, and weights
  • ICE customer service
  • returns solution advice
  • packaging upgrade
  • account management

This service is also available in German, Italian and Spanish.


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