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E-commerce-Specialised PPC Campaign

Wondering how to attract customers to your website or storefront? InterCultural Elements can help! Our Multilingual Digital Marketing strategies enable your business to increase international traffic. ICE’s native, e-commerce-versed account managers are Google certified, as well as trained to create and implement PPC campaigns to drive traffic to your website/storefront, boost conversion rates and cultivate your online brand presence in different countries. With our multilingual team, we help your products be found by customers in your target markets.                   

Why should ICE manage your international PPC Campaigns?

    • 10+ years experience expanding sellers worldwide
    • E-commerce experts from 1o+ countries
    • 35+ in-house team members working for you
    • 10000+ international expansion projects completed
    • ∞ PPC campaign proficiency

How we do it

  • Competitor spend analysis
  • Consultation on the best campaign strategy including budget size & target audience
  • Identifying potential keywords
  • Setting up your PPC campaigns
  • Tracking conversions
  • Ongoing campaign optimization and reporting


    • English (UK/US)
    • German
    • French
    • Italian
    • Spanish

If you are looking for a more proactive and comprehensive expansion strategy, you may want to consider TEAM Managed Care.

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