E-Commerce Expansion

Grow your Business Abroad

With this ad-hoc expansion service, ICE helps you meet your established expansion goals and implement your multi-channel e-commerce strategy using our extensive marketplace knowledge and cultural awareness.


Initial Phase

  • Consultation on the best suited marketplace
  • Guidance through the market limits & regulations


Account Setup & Launch

ICE prepares you for expansion by:

  • Enhancing your data:
    • Based on predetermined goals, ICE prepares listing tool upload files and marks cells with missing data. You can decide to add the missing data yourself or ask ICE to enhance the data.
  • Translating and localising your listings
  • Assisting you to create an account on the international marketplace of your choice
  • Opening a listing tool account and setting up the new marketplace including feeds

Once the account is launched, control will be handed back over to you.


If you are looking for more proactive and comprehensive expansion support, you may want to consider TEAM Managed Care.

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With the TEAM Managed Care package, you’ll have a Strategic Manager who acts as an extension of your team, connecting you with ICE’s marketplace expansion experts and using their skills & experience to continuously boost your online presence. While International E-commerce Expansion is an ad-hoc service based on your company’s established strategy, TEAM is longer term. It includes strategy creation, implementation and sustained maintenance to take your e-commerce business across the globe with the help of ICE’s experts.


“Avenue 85 has expanded into Germany, Australia, France and the USA on marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, & Pixmania with ICE. From experience, it’s not worth the time & effort doing it yourself. ICE gets it done quickly and correctly for you – all you do is sell.”

– James McIlvenny – Marketing Director of Avenue 85

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