Multiple Marketplace Launch

For small to medium-size sellers, the Multiple Marketplace Launch (MML) package is the fast track you need to get you selling in new foreign marketplaces.

With an experienced account manager as an extension of your team, we launch you onto up to 5 international/domestic marketplaces with up to 10 items.


The Multiple Marketplace Launch package includes:

  • Expansion strategy building and best practice recommendations
  • Item translation and localisation
  • SEO for product title and descriptions
  • Seller account set-up and item launches into target marketplaces
  • Expert assistance to maintain and improve your new marketplace presence
  • Recommendations on potential countries & marketplaces for future expansion based on your unique items


Our experienced account manager helps you to:

  • Decide which countries and marketplaces provide the best ROI for your items
  • Set up your seller accounts for the target marketplaces
  • Launch your items of choice onto the target marketplaces, including the localisation of sizes, measurements and currencies
  • Translate your listings into the target languages of the chosen marketplaces
  • Optimise your listings to generate more marketplace exposure
  • Solve listing and posting errors
  • Maintain the existing listings on an ongoing basis
  • Identify potential countries and marketplaces for future expansion
  • Get the best results out of your expansion by coordinating with various ICE departments & resources


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