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  • InterCultural Elements-developed software being spun-off into new entity eCommeleon
  • Managing Director, Eduard Gerritsen to move to eCommeleon, joined by co-founder Jesse Wragg, current Head of Sales at ICE
  • Seed funding for eCommeleon raised with external VC company

InterCultural Elements announces software spin-off eCommeleon; Seed Funding raised

Leipzig, Germany – InterCultural Elements GmbH & Co. KG. (ICE) have today announced plans to spin-off an internally developed Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product into a new company before the end of the year. eCommeleon GmbH will be led by co-founders Eduard Gerritsen (ICE co-founder and current MD) & Jesse Wragg (current Head of Sales at ICE).

ICE was one of the first companies established to help online retailers expand internationally via marketplaces and has been operating in this space since 2007. As a services company, ICE can be limited due to human capacity. Whereas the services offered by ICE allow online sellers to outsource many of their marketplace expansion projects, the purpose of eCommeleon is to allow sellers to bring this expertise in house. Therefore, eCommeleon is scalable and can reach a much larger user base consolidating ICE’s know-how in this SaaS product.

eCommeleon is an innovative ETL solution combining more than a decade of online marketplace know-how with tried and tested data optimisation modules and pioneering marketplace validation, designed specifically for online retailers and marketplace sellers. More information about eCommeleon will be released soon, including additional information on the seed funding, functionalities of the software, user base and business model.

Considering the requirements of a software company compared to those of a services agency, Anja Galvao, Scott Galvao and Eduard Gerritsen (ICE MDs) made the strategic decision to spin off as it allows each company to focus on their individual strengths and objectives.

Having invested heavily in the software development in recent years, this spin-off will enable ICE to refocus efforts on continuing to improve the services side of the business, as well as to offer its services to a broader range of clients.

The spin-off to eCommeleon is expected to be completed in October of this year, and the first customers are already being onboarded. Several key market players have expressed their interest and eCommeleon can be used by anyone selling on marketplaces, from bedroom sellers to enterprise level brands.

“Being able to put the expertise we’ve developed over the last 12 years into a tool for online sellers to use internally will allow us to reach a user base which would never be possible with a services-based company. We’re eager to help more online sellers maximise their sales’ potential on marketplaces than we could ever hope to with a less-scalable agency model” – Eduard Gerritsen, Co-Founder & Managing Director, InterCultural Elements & eCommeleon

“Having onboarded our first customers, it’s exciting to see the tools we’ve been using internally for so long being adopted so easily by external users.” – Jesse Wragg, Co-Founder & Managing Director, eCommeleon GmbH

“With eCommeleon’s spinoff, we’re excited to be able to refocus our energies on ICE’s core competencies, improve ICE’s offering for existing clients and cater to the needs of new customers in the highly dynamic international e-commerce space.” – Scott Galvao, Co-Founder & Managing Director, InterCultural Elements

“As a services agency, ICE has often been limited by human capacity as to how many customers we were able to help at any point. The scalability and customisability offered by eCommeleon allows us to share our marketplace expertise with more users, ranging from bedroom sellers right through to enterprise users from day 1”. – Anja Galvao, Co-Founder & Managing Director, InterCultural Elements


eCommeleon Q & A:

Q: Is eCommeleon a listing tool?

A: No. eCommeleon is an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool designed to optimise product data before it is added to a listing tool or sent to a marketplace.

Q: What is “Marketplace Validation”?

A: This allows us to compare the requirements from the marketplaces with your product data in order to allow you to add new products to a marketplace error-free.

Q: Does this replace the need for a listing tool?

A: No, while the listing tools (ChannelAdvisor, Linnworks, plentymarkets etc.) will allow you to launch your data on the marketplaces and manage your inventory/orders, eCommeleon is designed to help you create the perfect set of product data for your needs.