How much do ICE’s translation services cost?

Since ICE reduces your translation costs based on the amount of repetition in your text, we always ask to see the text before giving a quote. We won’t charge for duplicate descriptions and give discounts for repetitious titles. Contact us for a free quote.

What are the advantages of using ICE’s Global Returns service?

Global Returns satisfies both buyers by giving sellers local return addresses in up to 19 countries, reduces returns postage costs, and gains buyer trust by offering the ease of returning to a domestic address. In addition, Amazon demands sellers have a local return address in each Amazon country they sell to. Finally, our partner returns your items in bulk, saving you time and money.

What makes InterCultural Elements (ICE) different from translation companies?

First of all we offer much more than just translation. Our breadth of services include translation, localisation, listing tool integration & services, marketplace expertise & consultation, market research, e-mail customer service, Global Returns and Amazon Scout.

Furthermore we focus solely on e-commerce translations, meaning our translators are also experts on search term optimisation. Catering to e-commerce sellers means we understand your business and won’t charge you for duplicate descriptions and discount repetitious titles.

Human Review Machine Translation (HRMT or “human review”) is a second level of translation ICE offers for qualifying projects. The top two advantages over our full level of translation include faster timelines and reduced pricing, however this method does not work for all projects and is determined on a case by case basis.

Which marketplaces and countries would ICE recommend expanding to?

ICE offers market research services to identify the best expansion countries and marketplaces for you. We can analyse competitor pricing and help you discover the most profitable target markets for your business. Benefit from our longtime experience in working with international sellers and marketplaces.

Why is localisation as important as translation when expanding abroad?

Just translating titles and descriptions won’t guarantee your success in Cross Border Trade. ICE localises and optimises your listing tool account: this means we will convert prices and measurements, adjust your item specifics, browse nodes and categories, advise you on how best to convert your prices and adapt your shipping rates etc. All of these conversions are vital when selling abroad.

Why should I outsource my customer service, and what does ICE’s email customer service include?

So you’ve decided to expand your business to new international marketplaces: one of the many hurdles involved is answering buyers’ questions in their native language. Prompt native language responses will result in higher customer satisfaction and feedback. By using ICE’s Multilingual Email Customer service team for your business you can save yourself the time and trouble of finding and hiring specialised foreign language staff. In addition, ICE covers your needs whether you need a few minutes or many hours of Customer Service per day. Best of all, you only pay for the minutes you use.

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