Exchange Rate Optimisation

Save Money when Transferring Internationally

When selling on international marketplaces, you’re reliant on exchange rates set by each marketplace when you transfer your money back to your local bank account. Those conversion rates are often high, and you can be forced to pay undesirable exchange fees or commission just to get your sales back into your bank account.

With InterCultural Elements’ help, you can save significantly when transferring money internationally. We offer two types of services through our safe and reliable currency exchange partner.


International receiving accounts

(for receiving money from marketplaces)

  • You specify where you need accounts and in what currency
  • Once you have the new account details you can update your marketplace details
  • Transfer your money back to you in your desired currency whenever you want it


International business payments

  • After your account is set up, you specify how much, to whom and in which currency
  • You send your money via bank transfer
  • Your money is converted and sent out

If you aren’t yet ready to make a transfer, but would still like to lock in a favorable rate, you can fix it up to 3 years in advance.


Currency conversions for China and India

Need to pay a Chinese or Indian company for fulfilment or importing services in local currencies?

If you want to save even more money on the currency exchange and transfer, you can also convert your money in bulk by using a shared account, meaning your profits remain as high as possible.


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