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About Allegro

Allegro is one of Poland’s leading marketplaces, its brand awareness is as high as 98% among Poles, and for approximately 70% of local users, Allegro is their first choice for online shopping. Sellers should note that all product listings should be in Polish and Polish customer service is required.


How much does it cost to sell on Allegro?

Allegro fees are very competitive compared to other European marketplaces. Sellers can use this fee calculator to see what a given listing will cost (content only available in Polish). As of January 2018, sellers only have to pay the commission fee. There is no listing fee or monthly subscription charge unless the seller makes a sizeable turnover. For an overview, there are 3 types of fees that may apply:
  1. Listing fee (in most categories there are no listing fees, except for the e.g. automotive category, real estate, tailored furniture, travel, services etc.)
  2. Commission fee (varies mostly between 2-10% of the final price, depending on the category, yet shouldn’t go over 50 PLN = approx. 10 GBP)
  3. Charges for additional features and options (adding more than one picture, highlighting, bolding, sponsored ad campaigns, etc.)
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