TEAM Managed Care

Total E-commerce Account Management (TEAM)

With the TEAM package, you’ll have an Account Manager who acts as an extension of your team, connecting you with ICE’s marketplace expansion experts and using their skills & experience to boost your online presence.

Your dedicated Account Manager will collaborate with you to create a customised strategy based on your expansion & growth goals. They then work on your accounts, using their e-commerce expertise to help you successfully meet those goals and cross border trade objectives.

All individual e-commerce account managed care packages are customised to meet each company’s specific needs because we know that your business and your team is unique and we want to offer an individual solution for you.

Through regular contact with you, your Account Manager:

  • Develops a strategy with you according to your business and expansion goals
  • Gives general recommendations on marketplaces and best practices for international e-commerce
  • Pro-actively searches for and provides recommendations on new countries and marketplaces which would be suitable for you to expand to
  • Provides suggestions on optimising your accounts and your items
  • Co-ordinates various departments/resources within ICE to ensure that the most relevant staff members are handling each project

The Account Manager is a day-to-day manager and works inside of your account to:

  • Implement decisions made on the above conversations made with you
  • Support you with the setup of a new listing tool if needed
  • Perform an extensive account analysis on your existing marketplace presence
  • Set up new accounts, create new listings, including organising translations or localisation if required (translation is an additional cost to TEAM)
  • Solving listing/posting errors
  • Maintain and optimise existing listings on an ongoing basis, including the localisation of sizes, measurements and currencies (according to client’s instructions/agreement)
  • Organise translation work (including optimising the data for translation and building and developing a ‘translation memory’ to potentially reduce the cost of further translations)
  • Providing assistance when technical issues arise
  • Other ongoing work as agreed between your Account Manager and yourselves


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