We have worked with Intercultural Elements (ICE) on three different brands and two languages: trading on a typical e-commerce German website, eBay Germany and eBay France. In all instances the service we received felt tailored to our specific requirements, and often surpassed our expectations. They were able to plan workloads well and met all our deadlines whilst working to accommodate any issues or changes encountered along the way.
ICE didn’t just translate what we gave them, but also guided us through the potentially difficult transition into a foreign marketplace, by acting as an essential source of knowledge. They showed initiative by highlighting potential pitfalls, suggesting alternatives and working well with numerous members of our staff.
ICE were never too busy to offer assistance and were genuinely interested in seeing us succeed, as if they were a partner, not just a service. Due to this, we will be using ICE for any future translation work we require, and would recommend them to anyone thinking of expanding into a foreign territory.

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