Finding ICE was like a miracle come true and they deliver as promised!
There are a lot of companies out there that will promise the world to you and then disappear, but not ICE.
The past 12 months have helped grow our company across the world and ICE handled a lot of the tedious tasks.

Due to our system failure back in 2018, we dispatched the products to the wrong countries and this caused great confusion for us and the customers… InterCultural Elements supported us really well and rapidly resolved the customer complaints, leaving no negative impact on our accounts and performance rates.

We are expanding our business into Europe and needed to team up with specialists that know the European market. InterCultural Elements knows Europe and did a great job of helping us in our endeavors.

Having been encouraged by Amazon to expand our offering to their other European marketplaces we quickly encountered issues with their machine translations and this caused issues with customers. We also didn’t have the language skills to optimize our listings so it was clear that we needed an alternative solution. We contacted ICE and were attracted to their ‘human’ translation and optimization service. Having worked with ICE for over two years we have found them to be so much more than just translators! Their knowledge of Amazon Seller Central, Linnworks and other marketplaces has made expanding our sales much easier – not only in mainland Europe but also in the UK.  Last but definitely not least, we have also benefitted from their experience and knowledge.

When outsourcing like this, trust is huge (particularly when they aren’t based in the UK!) and we have found ICE to be very reliable, conscientious and accurate in their work. We would certainly recommend them.

After some unsuccessful attempts to reinstate our account on Amazon IT, we have asked ICE for help.

Having created a clear-cut concept and an additional professional translation, ICE was immediately successful at the first attempt and our Amazon IT account was reactivated that same day.

I can unconditionally recommend the friendly and competent staff of ICE.

Excellent and quick service, a pleasant business partner. You can always rely on InterCultural Elements GmbH & Co. KG. Everything is transparent and easy to understand.

ICE helped us with our European expansion extremely well. We used another translation service and found that for two of the translations a native speaker said that there were gross errors. ICE was much better and gave us superior service for a great price. I really liked that they inputted the translations for us in the different Amazon Marketplaces. That saved a huge amount of time and worry. Every Amazon seller looking to expand to Europe should use them.

The team at InterCultural Elements have played an integral role in the expansion of our business across Europe. Not only have they provided excellent translation services and customer service, they have a thorough understanding of the intricacies of multiple e-commerce platforms. They have delivered all required tasks ahead of schedule and are a pleasure to deal with. I consider them to be an invaluable partner in the ongoing international expansion of our company.

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