This is a guest article by OnBuy, written by Milenka Stevens.


With growing frustrations around selling on major marketplaces – from high seller fees to strict performance metrics and the threat of direct competition – many sellers are turning to different platforms to expand their reach and target new audiences.

One such alternative is OnBuy, the fastest-growing marketplace in the world that’s taking the eCommerce industry by storm. With our seller-friendly approach and huge variety of products on offer, it’s no wonder more and more sellers are joining our platform each day.


What makes OnBuy different to other major marketplaces?

OnBuy is a true marketplace: we don’t hold any of our own stock or sell any of our own products, and we’ve pledged to never compete with our sellers. Instead, we invest our resources in growing our user base and creating sales for our sellers.

Since we’re not a retailer, our sellers never have to worry about being undercut by us or having their sales data used against them. This fair and transparent approach builds great relationships with our sellers and gives them the security to share more of their product range at better prices for customers, thus leading to more sales.

It means that rather than driving sellers away like many of our competitors, we’ve provided a viable, seller-friendly sales channel open to all online retailers that’ll provide them with a strong, reliable platform to sell through and see immediate results.

By providing a better platform for sellers, customers can enjoy more choice and make fantastic savings. So, thanks to this efficient model for sustainable, long-term growth and doing things differently to our competitors, we’ve achieved a lot in a short space of time.

We entered 2020 with a bang, having seen £1m in sales for sellers on Black Friday and our biggest Christmas ever. Since then, we’ve quickly surpassed the 25m product mark, won several awards (including the Retail Without Borders 2020 award), and secured major venture capital investment.

As the marketplace for online retailers, we have a lot to offer sellers – and with our growing success just the start of things to come, we’re here to share how selling with us will benefit you as an online retailer.


Why sellers love OnBuy


Competitive selling fees
Our low fees of 5-9% mean you can price lower to attract more buyers without eating into your profit margins.
Get paid immediately
PayPal instantly release the funds directly into your account upon item dispatch, so there’s no waiting around for payment.
Risk-free selling
Make less than £500 in a month? We’ll waive next month’s Standard subscription fee through our Sales Guarantee.
PayPal Seller Protection
Our partnership with PayPal gives you an additional layer of security and peace of mind on eligible orders covered by the scheme.
We don’t compete with sellers
We’re a true marketplace and we’re not here to compete with you - we want to help you grow your business instead!
Dedicated UK-based seller support team
Our brilliant team will help you sign up, onboard you and ensure you can make the most of selling on OnBuy.


How can selling through OnBuy benefit my business?

Working with our sellers, rather than against them, has enabled us to build a strong network of brilliant online retailers our customers can rely on – and thanks to our long-term growth strategy, there’s plenty of space for more sellers to join!

Offering the chance for online retailers to expand their business, you can diversify your audience in a risk-free way knowing that we have everything in place to make that happen. Between large-scale investment fuelling our next phase of growth, a growing international customer base, and opportunities to lead the way in our product categories, you’ll have the scope to grow alongside us.


OnBuy continues to grow having secured Series A funding

Thanks to a successful £5m Series A funding round, OnBuy is in the strongest and most exciting position yet. We’ve secured investment from a leading London-based venture capital firm and additional private investors that has allowed us to triple our team, focus on more marketing opportunities and continue our fantastic growth.

Alongside our ramped up marketing strategy, we’re working to develop new solutions, integrations and features that’ll bring the best shopping experience to buyers and sellers alike. Selling through OnBuy could not be easier!

Despite being the world’s fastest-growing marketplace, there’s still room for us to grow, which is why we’re investing majorly into making this a reality. Through increased social engagement and visibility, we’ll be getting the OnBuy brand out there for more and more customers to turn to as their first port of call for online shopping.

All of the above is set to bring more buyers to OnBuy and lead to more sales for our sellers, making it a great time to welcome new sellers on board. Plus, online retailers will be pleased to hear we’re forecasting another 5x growth and aiming for an increase of over £100m in sales this year (with over 100x growth in four years).


OnBuy is going global

We may be the UK’s fastest-growing large eCommerce site but we’re not ready to stop there! With a growing visitor base from abroad (from the USA, Australia and France to the UAE, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and more), we’re now preparing to launch into more than 43 new online trading locations by the end of 2020 – and have over 143 new locations in total by 2023!

This will not only offer our overseas customers an improved shopping experience, but it will also provide OnBuy with local marketing opportunities that’ll establish our brand in that territory and contribute to growing our worldwide presence.

Our sellers will have access to optional auto-translation and auto-currency conversion, but they’ll also have the freedom to override settings for each country. We understand each online retailer and local market is different so we want OnBuy to be adaptable to work as efficiently abroad as it does in the UK.

Offering opportunities for reaching new markets and expanding your business abroad without the usual associated risks – such as overestimating a market’s potential or struggling to recoup investment – there really is no better time to join OnBuy!


OnBuy has opportunities waiting for you

With millions of products and countless categories on OnBuy, buyers already have a wealth of choice on our marketplace – but there’s room for more! From opportunities for competitive pricing, to gaps in our product range, it’s a fantastic time to join and set yourself up as a category leader.

There are still instances where OnBuy isn’t competitive with other online marketplaces and we still don’t have every single product a customer could think of, so that’s where you can come in as a new seller.

Whether you’re able to offer better prices for products already in our catalogue or something new altogether, now is the perfect time to get set up ahead of our global launch. We have hundreds of retailers signing up to OnBuy per month and our categories are filling up fast, so don’t wait around!


With all this and more to come in the near future, it’s time to experience what OnBuy can do for your business. Ready to make the leap and join us? Find out more about becoming a seller on OnBuy or register now!